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Over the years the teacher in this class has written a lot of lessons, and a few other things too. We don't use someone's quarterly; every lesson is, in a sense, original. In another sense, not one of them is original, for it is our intention to stick as closely as possible to the Apostle's teaching as revealed in the Bible. No doubt the lessons contain their share of failures in that regard; the teacher is but human. No doubt the reader will find various statements with which he or she disagrees; even the great minds do that. But the intention is to bring forth the Gospel as given to the Apostles. For the failures in that, we apologize and beg your forgiveness. For those things in which our Lord is shown to be the stone of stumbling and the rock of offense, no apology is needed, nor offered.

Should it happen that you are surfing the web looking for help with your own lessons, or perhaps just an interested reader, wondering what this might hold, please feel free to borrow as needed for any Christian purpose (see the copyright notice on the Web Servant page). The teacher has stolen liberally from the great minds of the church - those that are out of copyright, of course. If you steal from enough of them, they call it research. Sometimes it's really learning; even discipleship.

Some of the writings date from a time when our church was on "unified curriculum." We had a quarterly - you'll see exactly 13 lessons, usually - and that specified the topic. It did not specify the teaching. Usually, we took the topic and then ignored the quarterly. But if some of the older lessons seem a bit rushed, that's why.

Topical Studies

Topical studies form a smaller part of the lessons noted here. Some of these might interest you, by topic. There is no particular "theme" to the topical studies, as they have been spread out over several years. Some are favorites of the teacher; others are more forgettable. Read and enjoy those which suit you.

Books of the Bible

The major emphasis of teaching at Eastside is to use the Bible as the primary topic of teaching. The bulk of the lessons are studies of various books of the Bible. These are largely from the New Testament.


A cookbook (no, the recipes didn't come from the teacher, but the commentary did), a strange correspondence and a series of weekly communion meditations.

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