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Communion Meditations (2015)

Blood of the Lamb

Originally scheduled for September 13

Revelation 7:14 and… they have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.


You will find the phrase in over a hundred Christian hymns: “Blood of the Lamb.” The phrase itself, however, occurs only twice in the Scriptures. It is found here in Revelation 7:14 and also in Revelation 12:11. The first of these two passages emphasizes one thought: those who come out of great tribulation find the grace of God in the Blood of the Lamb. Grace is here expressed in prophetic symbolism, harkening back to the Passover of the Old Testament. It is God’s way of drawing you a picture for what cannot be truly expressed in words.

The other these two passages shows that grace is given in accordance with their endurance and sacrifice. In other words, we are not dealing with the magic formula which allows someone to be forgiven of all their sins merely by performing a ritual. It’s like James said: faith without works is dead. The people described in the 12th chapter of Revelation show their faith by their endurance and by their personal sacrifice. Put shortly, they walk the talk.

God’s pictures are meant to keep something in our minds. They are visual reminders.

·         We must remember that this is the blood of the Lamb. It is a deliberate reminder of the sacrifice that Christ made at Calvary. Grace is not free; it cost the life of God’s only Son.

·         We must remember that this is the blood of the Lamb. Everyone dies; many of us die a bloody the death. But this was the death of one who was completely innocent. More than that, he was the designated sacrifice, chosen by God. So we have here a death which is a model of injustice on man’s part. It is also the pinnacle of God’s love for his people.

You will remember that Christ did not struggle against the Romans or the Pharisees at the crucifixion. He accepted the cup that his father provided. In so doing, he gave us the innocent blood which washes away the sin of us all.

Revelation 12:11 tells us that they overcame. Who did they overcome? The answer is clear; they overcame the accuser of mankind, Satan himself. Satan is greatly powerful and extremely deceitful. How did they overcome him? By grace — by the blood of the Lamb.

Therefore, when you come to communion and you partake of the cup, remember why we do this.

·         We do this as a sign of remembrance of the sacrifice that gave us the blood of the Lamb. In so doing we acknowledge its power of grace.

·         We do this as a sign of victory over evil. The war is won, even though the battle is not over. Satan is doomed.

·         We do this as a sign that prophecy in the Scripture is nothing but the description of future facts. Therefore we do this until He comes again — as come again He most certainly will.

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