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Communion Meditations (2015)

Second Coming

Originally scheduled for April 12

It is a seldom mentioned point about communion: it explicitly includes the promise that Christ is coming again. The Second Coming is a subject which both fascinates and mystifies most Christians. We want to know when he’s coming again. When someone says to us, “soon,” we usually let them know we had in mind something we can put on our calendar. So we do not know the date and the time. There is one feature that we do know:

Then the glory of the LORD will be revealed, And all flesh will see it together; For the mouth of the LORD has spoken."

(Isaiah 40:5 NASB)

Isaiah has a strange way of putting things sometimes. He not only tells us that the Lord will return and in so doing predicts the resurrection of the dead, he also tells us what we should be doing to get ready for it:

A voice is calling, "Clear the way for the LORD in the wilderness; Make smooth in the desert a highway for our God. "Let every valley be lifted up, And every mountain and hill be made low; And let the rough ground become a plain, And the rugged terrain a broad valley;

(Isaiah 40:3-4 NASB)

There are several interpretations of this passage. As applied to us as individuals it is easiest to take this as a collection of metaphors. The mountains in this passage might be seen as those obstacles in our life to becoming better Christians. These are things like the sins of the body, the world and pride. As these things diminish in our life it is easier for the Lord to fill our lives. The valleys may be seen as things which should be exalted. These are things like the life of giving, faithfulness and joyful fellowship. If we emphasize these things in our lives we are making it easier for God to enter into our lives more fully. But there is also another way to see this.

As these things grow in our lives, the world around us can see the glory of the Lord revealed in us. In our own time that glory is revealed in the change lives of sinners. This is the witness which goes beyond words. Of course, when Christ returns the world will see it in the resurrection of the dead and the judgment to follow.

You might ask, how can I be sure of this? Take a look at the elements of communion before you. They symbolize his body and his blood, and reminds you of his sacrifice on the Cross. If you are reminded of the Cross, you are then reminded of the resurrection of Christ. If you will recall, he told his disciples before hand that he would rise from the dead. He said it; his word is trustworthy. As for the Second Coming, the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it. He said it, his word is trustworthy. As you partake this morning remember that you are proclaiming his soon returning. The question for all of us is, are we preparing the way for his return?

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