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Communion Meditations (2015)

Second Communion

Originally scheduled for April 5

In Numbers, chapter 9 we find a most curious incident. Some men have come to Aaron and to Moses with a problem. Passover is just about to happen, and they are ceremonially unclean in that they have been handling a dead body. The Passover in question is very important; it is the one the Israelites are to eat before they go into the land to conquer it. Moses inquires of God and comes up with an interesting solution. For those who meet the proper criteria, a second Passover can be celebrated on the same day of the month, but in the second month instead of the first month. The second Passover serves the same purpose as the first one, and therefore has to have no difference in ceremony. Indeed, it is reiterated that this law applies both to Jew and the Gentile who wishes to take Passover. There is one law the Jew and the Gentile alike.

This might be the first really clear symbolic exposition of the idea that God wants to provide you with a second chance. Preachers are fond of reminding us that we only get one life. Beer companies are fond of reminding us that we only go around once. But in that trip we are to forgive 70×7. If that is our requirement, how much more will our heavenly Father forgive us? You can see that the rules and methods are the same. But it is not too late to come to Christ. Your author knows of a man who became a Christian at the age of 83.

I submit that the reason that there is no difference in the rules and regulations for these two Passover celebrations is to give us the clear thought that there is no sense in waiting for God to change his mind and make it easier to enter the kingdom of heaven. Frequently in our history we have seen those who have proclaimed baptism without repentance, but the Scripture is clear. The steps of repentance are the same now as they were then, and they apply to one and all, without exception.

Communion, in a way, reminds us of that.

·         Communion is a reminder that we are all sinners; those of us who are Christians are those who have repented and sought His mercy.

·         Communion is a reminder that the opportunity of repentance is still open to any of us. It will be open until he comes again — but no man knows when that day might be.

·         Communion is a reminder of the sacrifice which was needed to make our repentance lead to his redemption.

·         Communion is a reminder that God has the same rules for everyone — he is no respecter of persons. The same communion, on the same terms, is offered to one and all.

The reminder is there. The question is, what are we going to do about it?

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