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Communion Meditations (2015)


Originally scheduled for January 18

In the January 2015 edition of Physics Today there was a short article which presented some research results on a problem which will undoubtedly grow in importance. Researchers in South Korea have discovered that the eerie silence of an electric car can be replaced with sounds which can make the vehicle sound like a luxury car (or a cheap one); a sports car (or a very economical one) and so on. The key to the discovery was that sounds that influence our thinking of about what kind of car this come in pairs. So, if you want to portray your car as a luxury car you would take the sound pair and emphasize the luxury end of the spectrum. None of these things actually make a car more luxurious or more sporty; but it does make the car sound more like it.

Of course, we already have this sound distinction in the cars that are running around the roadways today. Even blindfold, you could tell the difference between the Ford pickup and a Mercedes sedan. We are conditioned in this way by our experience. The researchers in South Korea did not invent the sound pairs; rather, they discovered them. These things are fairly consistent throughout the automobile industry. All we are doing here is providing something which meets your expectations. Your expectations typically come from three things:

·         Price. You expect them expensive sedan is going to sound quite different from a cheap little economy car.

·         Performance. You expect the sports car is going to sound rather different from an underpowered economy car.

·         Public relations. The automobile industry has done quite a bit of work in its advertising to set your expectations — and not just for sounds, but also for the feel of the leather and the frost of the air conditioner

in some ways, these three methods of setting your expectations are also used to form your impressions of communion.

·         Price. There would be no communion without the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus on the Cross. Communion is fittingly solemn, because it commemorates the price he paid for our salvation.

·         Performance. I hope that you have experienced this; if not, you really need to give this a try. When you confess your sins and repent of them He is faithful and just to forgive your sins. No one else can perform such a thing; communion is the opportunity for it. “Let a man examine himself…”

·         Public relations. If you have experienced the salvation and forgiveness of Jesus Christ, you cannot bury it under a bushel. You should be willing to share it with one and all. The church is use this method for its public relations for 2000 years; it still works — if you will.

Take the time here at communion to examine yourself, confess and repent and receive forgiveness of your Lord.

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