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Communion Meditations (2015)

The Whisper II

Originally scheduled for February 1

As I wander, hungry, thirsty, lost, alone,
I hear the whisper of my name.

"Come to the table. Your name is written on My hand.
Come to the table. Your name is hidden in My heart.
Come to the table and live."

The word “wander” in the English language has come to have to different emotional meanings to it. One of them is the word we would use to say, “I wandered the shopping mall.” There’s no sense of loneliness or of being lost; just a sense of no particular purpose. The other meaning is much more clearly threatening. There is a sense of having no real direction, or purpose and what you’re doing. In the spiritual sense, it needs to be without guidance. The words hungry and thirsty describe it well, both in the physical sense (I’m lost and where’s the McDonald’s) and in the spiritual sense. When you have that sense of being lost, spiritually, you will also have the sensation of being hungry and thirsty. Perhaps the most terrifying thing about being lost is that you usually are doing it alone. Worse yet you may have some people following you thinking that you are there only hope. It focuses your mind quite wonderfully when this happens. When it does, listen for the whisper of your name. Christ is the ultimate gentleman. He will not barge into your life with overwhelming promise, supported by a brass band. You will recall Elijah: earthquake, wind and fire were his lost in the desert moments; but God spoke to him in a” still small voice.” Listen for it.

The poet tells us that our Lord has your name written on his hand. Have you ever tie the string around your finger to remind you to do something? It’s as if our Lord wants to make so sure of finding you and rescuing you that he writes your name on his hand so that he will be ever mindful to look for the one he loves. Unlike the string, this is written. That means that it is a permanent record. Christ will never stop searching for you.

Of course, just because someone is looking for you doesn’t mean they’re searching for you — they could be hunting you. The poet assures us that he has hidden your name in his heart. This tells us that he loves you, and it makes it doubly certain that he knows you by name. You’re not just a number on the roster; you are a child of God.

What does he ask of you? The poet tells us that he wants you to come to the table. He wants to share his holy meal with you. He wants you to be one who can partake of the body and blood of Christ in good conscience, in fellowship with the church. As you partake today, remember that he came to seek and save the lost — and that includes you.

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