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Communion Meditations (2017)


Originally scheduled for November 19

Many a grandparent can tell you the pain of walking barefoot over a floor which contains Legos. They never seem to get put back in the box, but the kids just love to play with them. Man is a creating creature, and our little ones share that.

One of the things the children like the build from Legos is a bridge. They quickly find out that stringing Legos together is not something that will stay together in a bridge. You have to have some support for it. So, like their adult engineering friends, they build a tower on each side and put the collection of Legos that make the bridge so that they are inside those towers to start with. Two towers and one platform make one bridge.

May I suggest to you that communion can be viewed as a bridge between God and man. We need two towers and a platform between. The tower that is closest to mankind, I suggest, is that which is symbolized by the bread of communion. Bread is a very common element, but it significance in this case comes from Christ telling us that “this is my body.” The earthly side of our bridge is the side which has bodies on it. Bread anchors the bridge on the earthly side.

The cup on the other hand belongs on the heavenly side. We know that Christ told us that his blood established the new covenant. What is a covenant? A covenant is something that God creates as his relationship with mankind. It is not a contract; it is not negotiable. Therefore, based on this idea of covenant, we can say that the cup stands for the heavenly side. Indeed, in the Old Testament the Jews were taught that life is in the blood of the sacrifice — and this bridge leads to eternal life.

The platform in between can only be Jesus himself. He is the only one who touches both sides; the only one who is at home on this planet and in heaven. Note, please, that he is the only platform; as he said, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father except by me.” Jesus is not one of many ways to heaven; he is the only way. So our bridge is complete; bread for the earthly side, the cup for the heavenly side and Jesus the only way in between.

So, as you partake this morning, do so in the full recognition that you are claiming the blood and body of Jesus Christ as your bridge to heaven. The reason his grace is extended to you is the blood of Christ shed on the cross. This is serious, and we should take it in a serious way. Examine yourself and see if you are entirely what Christ wants you to be. If not, ask forgiveness and proclaim your repentance — and then take, and eat.

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