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Communion 2009

The Colonel's Visit

Originally scheduled for June 28

Children growing up in the home of a young military officer will quickly find that having the colonel over for dinner is no simple affair – not even for the children:

The house must be cleaned, even your bedroom.

The table will be set with the good china and silver, and set to micrometric precision.

The children will be scrubbed and well dressed.

Most important, the children will be on their very best behavior. This is not a time for dad to find out just how mean you can be.


There are certain parallels here to Communion; we might ask these questions:

Is your house clean – are your relations with family and friends free from thoughts of vengeance, for example? Can Christ accept your worship if not?

Like the best china and silver, do you bring your best to your Lord? (You might want to look at that offering check.)

Are you, personally, clean? Have you repented of your sins and asked your Lord’s forgiveness?

Are you on your best behavior? Do you approach this memorial with reverence and sincerity?


Sometimes we miss these things in preparing for Communion. Given what we know of its importance, how does this happen?

One reason is that Communion comes so often. It’s not “special.” But Christ is.

Distractions – of all kinds – do their damage. One reason we pray “in the closet” is to practice tuning out those distractions.

Worst of all is sin in your life – clean hands are required.


Sometimes it seems that the colonel gets better treatment than the Christ. Just who ranks number one in your life?

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