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Communion 2009

Drink Responsibly

Originally scheduled for April 19

Perhaps you have seen the ads or heard the commercials. Stuck in at the end will be something like, “Megalithic Brewers urges you to drink responsibly.” It is an almost pious appeal, showing their sober concern for our drunken welfare.

Of course, the cynical among us might think that they are doing this to avoid lawsuits from the victims of drunkenness – who often are the drunks themselves. But isn’t that the way of the world, to say one thing and mean something entirely different?


A similar warning is given to the Christian. We too are advised to “drink responsibly” at the Lord’s table. Perhaps we might look at irresponsible drinking:

Irresponsible drinking might be treating Communion as nothing more than a stale ritual, something we do every week at this time, and no more.

Irresponsible drinking might be to partake without self examination. Some of us, as C. S. Lewis put it, want to “let sleeping worms lie.”

Worst of all, how irresponsible it is to drink hypocritically, to give others the impression that you really believe when you are just keeping up a reputation you don’t deserve.


Irresponsible drinking has its consequences. We all know the consequences of drunken driving; but did you know that those who take Communion in an unworthy manner can be afflicted with sickness and even death? Did you think that God Almighty would allow those who insult the sacrifice of Christ to go undisciplined?

Responsible drinking is this: “Let a man examine himself.” By examining yourself, confessing your sins and repenting, you prepare yourself for the memorial which proclaims your salvation by sacrifice. Do not do this lightly; drink responsibly.

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