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Communion 2009

The Ferrari Incident

Originally scheduled for January 11

There are any number of ways to get yourself fired from even the simplest of jobs. Somewhere in Southern California there is a former valet parking attendant who experienced a most interesting method.

He was working at a very exclusive restaurant, parking cars for their elite customers. One such customer drove up in a Ferrari. Not just any Ferrari; a custom built automobile with a unique gearbox and capable of speeds in excess of two hundred miles per hour. The owner quite naturally asked if the young man could handle such a car. With more confidence than sense he told him that it would be no problem. Touching the gas, the attendant flew up the first ramp in the parking structure – and directly into a wall. The management yanked him out of the wreckage and fired him on the spot.

We might ask a question: did the Ferrari turn this young man into a poor driver, or did the Ferrari simply reveal his incompetence? Of course, we know the answer to that question.

The same thing applies to Communion. It reveals our unworthiness; it does not cause it. If we claim a relationship with Christ, then his presence will show us for the sinners we are. If we do nothing about this, Paul tells us that weakness, sickness and even death result.

What shall we do, then, to come before the Lord in a worthy manner? Repent. Repent before you walk into the building; repent before you take Communion. Then follow through on your repentance. Approach the Lord with clean hands and clean heart.

Beware: God is not mocked. A mumbled prayer of pseudo-repentance does not deceive him. He knows your heart. To take his Communion unworthily is no light matter to him – and will soon be no light matter to you.

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