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Communion 2009

For The Person Who Has Everything

Originally scheduled for July 5

Neiman Marcus has long had a section in its catalog featuring a Christmas gift “for the person who has everything.” Some of those gifts included:

For a mere $110,000, a motorcycle capable of speeds up to 190 miles per hour. Excellent for senior citizens commuting to church.

You prefer four wheels? How about a replica of a 1914 Stutz Bearcat racing car?

A personal favorite: his and hers matched Brahma bulls, with the note solemnly stating that they would be “gift wrapped as best we can.”


Compare these with the gifts that every Christian is given:

God has given us himself, in the person of Jesus the Christ. We give things; he gives himself.

In so doing God has given us our salvation. We don’t deserve it, therefore it must be a gift.

Cars, motorcycles and cattle soon go the way of all things temporal. God gives us eternal life.


Which brings us to a problem: what do you give to the God who quite literally has everything?

We are taught to present our bodies as a living sacrifice to him. Parents are pleased when their children do as they are taught; how much more pleasing is this to our heavenly Father?

Our love – heart, soul, mind and strength – pleases him too, for God is love.

But here at Communion we give something small – but very pleasing to him. We remember what he has done for us. As grandparents love thank you notes from their grandchildren, so too God is pleased when you remember his sacrifice for you. As you partake, then, remember just what great gifts you have been given – and what price was paid to give them. You cannot repay or earn them, but you can remember and give thanks.

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