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Communion 2009

Great Beginnings

Originally scheduled for April 5, Palm Sunday

We celebrate beginnings. The birth may be in a secluded hospital room, but the flood of grandparents and other relatives begins very, very quickly. (There’s a reason God made them cute). Later in life we celebrate graduations, markers in life of our children going “to the next level.” Then there are weddings – celebrations of the union paralleled by that of Christ and the church. Have you noticed, then, that all of these are accompanied by memory keepers – photos and other souvenirs?


On the original Palm Sunday, Jerusalem celebrated what they believed to be a great beginning. They saw a new king coming to them, one who would throw off the world’s ways and govern in God’s way. Indeed, this king was somehow connected to the eventual coming of God on earth – the time when God would himself dwell with his people. This, they knew, would bring in a golden age of peace and prosperity that would never end. These expectations were disappointed; five days later the new king would be crucified by the local authorities.


Or were they really disappointed? Were those expectations so unreasonable after all?

Did they get a new king? Yes, they did. He wasn’t the king they expected, in the world’s way, but a king as given by God. He is known as the Prince of Peace, and his kingdom still grows to this day.

Did they get the presence of God with them? Indeed, Emmanuel is his name to this day – God With Us. In the person of the Holy Spirit he is with us still.

Did his coming usher in a golden age? Perhaps not – but he is coming again; perhaps it is just a matter of patience.


Celebrate with us now the Great Beginning – the death of our Lord Jesus Christ. His atonement gives us our redemption; his resurrection assures us of life eternal. We do this until he comes again – the next great beginning.

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