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Communion 2009

In The Garden

Originally scheduled for March 8

At the Lord’s Supper we are often told to think upon the suffering our Lord endured for our sake. Have you ever considered that a part of that suffering was the anticipation of what would happen?


Consider that night in Gethsemane. Christ goes to the Father in prayer with a great deal on his mind:

·         Of course, he knows the pain that is coming. Would this not be made worse by the fact that he did not deserve it? The guilty at least know why they are suffering – and that they earned it.

·         He is also contemplating his death – often considered the greatest of human suffering.

·         He knows, too, that the Crucifixion will cause him to be separated from the Father – severing a relationship both dear and eternal.

·         Finally, he knows he will be betrayed by one disciple, and abandoned by all the others.


This might seem to be a little thing to one who is God. But our Lord is also completely human. In his sorrow he does what human beings do.

·         He takes three of his closest friends with him. In sorrow, do we want to be alone? The arm of a friend on your shoulder is a great comfort.

·         But he prays alone. Some things are too deeply personal for anyone but God to hear.

·         So great is his distress and sorrow that he asks his friends to keep watch – to allow him to put everything into that prayer.


Pain is in the body; suffering is in the mind. As you partake, remember the agony of anticipation our Lord suffered – for you.

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