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Communion 2009

Let Me Draw You A Picture

Originally scheduled for January 25

How many times have you said it: “Let me draw you a picture.” We use the technique to explain things we think are simple – which sometimes are also profound.

The Cross is just such a picture, if you know how to explain it correctly:

·         The vertical beam is anchored in earth, but it points toward heaven. Do you see that the route to heaven goes through the Cross?

·         The horizontal beam has its story too. Some might see it as stretching from past to future; others will see it holding the arms of Jesus, stretched open wide,

·         At the center of the Cross is Jesus, the central figure of mankind. Without his sacrifice, the Cross would picture nothing. Vertically, He is the bridge between man and God.

As if to explain the Cross, Jesus has drawn us a picture of His sacrifice – that picture is the Lord’s Supper.

·         The bread, which represents his body, is a common thing to us. That body was a common body, one just like our own. He shares our humanity; he sacrificed that human life for us.

·         The wine, which represents his blood, tells us that his blood was shed for us. Life is in the blood, the Jews were taught. In a sense, when we take the cup we are drinking life to ourselves.

·         It is called Communion – for in it we commune with our Lord, who created this memorial. We also participate in common with each other, linking Christian to Christian in Christ’s eternal embrace.

See the picture before you and know the Truth.

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