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Communion 2009

Matched Set

Originally scheduled for March 1

Perhaps you have someone like Aunt Alice. She was an avid collector of collectables, one of which I inherited. It’s interesting to see how the makers of these things try to create value for the collector. For example:

·         These two medallions commemorate a historic event – Nixon’s trip to China. They’re big – the silver one is over five ounces.

·         The two medallions are a matched set, one of only three hundred sets ever minted.

·         The silver one is almost pure silver.

·         There’s an impressive display case, and several items documenting the authenticity of the set.


She paid seventy-five dollars for the set in 1972. They are now worth seventy two dollars. Sometimes things just aren’t as valuable as they might seem. Sometimes value just doesn’t keep.


It is not so with the atonement of Christ. Its value never diminishes or changes.

·         The value never changes, for it brings salvation from sin and eternal life.

·         It is the same value for each and every one of us. There is no such thing as a “better” atonement.


The value is eternally unchanging, for God is eternal.


Christ asks in return that you remember his sacrifice. You didn’t pay for it, he did. The price was his very life itself. For this God has given him the name above all names. All he asks of you is to remember what he did. So ask you take the cup and the bread, remember the price that he paid – and thank God that its value is eternal, and eternally yours.

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