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Communion 2009

Ordinary and Sacred

Originally scheduled for November 29

Have you ever considered just how ordinary the Lord’s Supper really is? Those who prepare it could tell you that there is nothing magic about it. Mankind has been making bread for thousands of year; wine, no doubt, goes back as far. The elements themselves are routine staples of human existence. However they are served, human hands – sinners’ hands – are used to assemble them before worship.


Yet we say that these things are sacred. How is it that we see these things as holy when they have such a common origin?

First, they are holy from the source – Christ himself. When light passes through a dusty room, it does not become dirty. It just shows the dirt; the light remains pure. So it is with Communion.

Next, they are holy by the command of God. This is not something devised by the mind of man but instead it comes from the grace of God. He commands it; He is pure; and to the pure, all things are pure.

Finally, as in the Old Testament, things are made holy by sacrifice of blood – in this, the blood of Christ on the Cross. There is no greater sacrifice.


Sinners, therefore, handle the things of God. Just as you will handle them in this ceremony. How is it that God permits such a thing?

To begin with, they are the things of God – but also the things of men. Just as Christ is fully God, and fully human, so are the things he called his body and blood.

It is permitted also for God’s purposes: for in the Lord’s Supper he shows us his divine grace.

He does ask one thing of us: that we examine ourselves before partaking in this meal. His purpose is grace; grace comes with repentance. Repentance comes from examining ourselves, confessing our sins and weaknesses. Only then can that which is sacred bring grace to the sinners who love the Lord.

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