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Communion 2009


Originally scheduled for May 3

The advent of the computer and the digital camera have convinced many of us that we, too, can be photographers. One reason for this is the abundance of computer programs used to treat the photographs we take. Consider what one may do if you have a lousy photograph:

Most commonly, we “catalog” the photograph. We file it away and, having done something with it, we consider the matter finished.

We could also “enhance” the photograph. For example, programs often remove the “red eye effect” of flash photography. Once we have it looking the way we want it, we might then “share” it with others, in several different ways. If we’re really proud of our enhancements, we might even print it and frame it.

Of course, there is the hard method. You fix the problem. You take another picture, this time with the right light, framing and other elements of photography.


Photographs are a graphic memory; our minds have memories of other sorts. Have you considered that we can treat the memory of our sins in much the same way?

We might just tell ourselves that yes, that’s a sin, and catalog it away. Having filed it, we forget it.

Sometimes we enhance our memories – we justify ourselves, or tell ourselves it really isn’t a sin. This can rise to the point where we actually begin to brag about what we have done – sharing our triumphs instead of being ashamed. If this goes far enough, we might even have a trophy of this for our desk. Greed often produces a physical testimonial.

But you could handle it the hard way. You could repent.


“Let a man examine himself.” It is not an idle thought, nor is it a suggestion. If you are to approach the Lord God Almighty in the sacred rite of Communion, you should do so with a clean heart. A clean heart comes from self-examination and repentance. Therefore, do not file and forget, nor justify, but repent.

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