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Communion 2009

The Postage Stamp

Originally scheduled for March 15

Consider the humble postage stamp: It costs relatively little. The design may be genuinely artistic, or it might just be a picture of Daffy Duck. In itself, it means little – but the letter it carries can mean a great deal.


Think of what might be inside that envelope!

·         If you’re a college student, it might be that very welcome letter from home – with a check from Mom.

·         It might be from an old friend, telling you that he stands with you in your troubles – an arm around the shoulder from a distance.

·         It might be a letter granting you forgiveness for something that happened forty years ago – and has festered ever since.

·         Perhaps, even, it is a letter which assures you that you have a warm welcome waiting – at home.


Communion, in a way, is God’s postage stamp. The elements themselves cost very little. It doesn’t really matter if they are served from an unadorned wooden tray or a fancy, gold plated metal one. But think of what they bring:

·         A Friend who will stand by you in all your trials. Indeed, a Friend who has been through horrible trials, one who knows how you feel even when no one else can comprehend it.

·         Forgiveness – for any and all things that you have done, given by the only One who can genuinely forgive. Sin is powerful – but Christ has the authority to forgive sin.

·         Reassurance of a “welcome home” – a welcome when you die from the one who holds the keys of hell and death. It’s also a welcome from the one who will one day divide the sheep and the goats.


If you will come to him in repentance, remembering the sacrifice he made for you, he will grant you the results of that sacrifice – a Friend, forgiveness, and a forever welcome at home.

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