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Communion 2009


Originally scheduled for October 11

It seldom rains in Southern California. It rains a great deal in Iowa. The farmers in Iowa usually welcome the rain as necessary for growing corn; once in a while there is too much, but usually “no rain” is bad news in Iowa.

It’s different in Southern California. Rain is welcome – in the abstract. You’ll hear things like, “We really needed the rain – there’s been such a drought, you know.” But rain in person is not welcome – especially on the freeways. Rain lifts the large accumulation of road oil and other things. But there is usually not enough rain to wash this away; just lift it. This turns the freeways slick, like glare ice. Traffic accidents pop up everywhere.


Our reaction to Christ is somewhat like that reaction to rain. Some of us, to be sure, welcome him unconditionally. When life seems to be one long drought of love, Christ is welcomed like rain in Iowa. But for most of us, Christ is more welcome in the abstract than in the personal. We nod agreeably as the Communion meditation is delivered – thankful that it has no personal impact on us. Because if we let it, we’d find that Christ is not so convenient in our daily lives. We’re sinners; we want to let sleeping worms lie.


Now is the time we meet him in person, so to speak. Our abstract approval must give way to the knowledge that we are sinners – and sin makes us uncomfortable around the sinless man. We want to hurry through this part of the service.

But he established this reminder not to show us that we are sinners; we already knew that. He established this meal to remind us of his forgiveness, and the price he paid for it. It is not our sin we commemorate but his grace. So, don’t be uncomfortable as you partake; rather, be grateful. It’s not about us; it’s about him, and all he has done for us.

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