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Communion 2009


Originally scheduled for May 24

Have you ever considered the motivation for ordinary human beings to make sacrifices?

Sometimes we do it for those we love. Grandparents have been known to be extravagant towards their grandchildren.

Sometimes we do it to obtain some good thing – we save money for a college education, for example.

Occasionally, we sacrifice to honor someone or something – a gift given “in honor of” someone, given as a token of our respect and admiration for that person, for example.

Often, it’s simply “the right thing to do.” We pay our bills on time despite the thought that we might like to use the money for something else.


Jesus had much the same set of motivations in his sacrifice at the Cross:

Sacrifice for love? Indeed, so great is God’s love for us that he gave his only son as a sacrifice for our sins.

Sacrifice to obtain some good thing? It is by Christ’s sacrifice at the cross that he obtained the church, the “bride of Christ.”

Was that sacrifice in honor of someone? Indeed, Christ honored the Father by being obedient to him, even obedient to death.

Was it “the right thing to do?” From before the beginning of time this was planned; from the earliest sections of Scripture it was prophesied. Though Christ asked to avoid the cross if possible, his prayer showed he knew the right thing: “not my will, but yours.”


Therefore, when you remember Christ’s sacrifice by taking this Communion, remember the great love which moved him. Remember that he provided the church, so that you would not be alone. As you remember, honor God by your obedience to him. And do so until, as prophesied, he comes again.

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