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Communion 2009

Safety Signs

Originally scheduled for November 22

Most of us who have worked at a major corporation are familiar with the ubiquitous safety signs. Often enough, warning signs are humorous – and sometimes intentionally so. For example:

“Be Aware of Invisibility” (Huh?)

“Caution: Pedestrians Slippery When Wet.” (I would rather think so, wouldn’t you?)

“Caution: Water on Road During Rain.” (Must have taken a lot of research to figure that one out.)

“Do not look down the barrel of the laser with your remaining good eye.” (Not a mistake you can repeat too often, that.)


Seriously, we use signs to prevent problems. Sometimes they alert us to a danger we didn’t know about, but more often they remind us of the dangers we do know about. They are there to keep us from repeating our mistakes – and tell us how to get help when we do repeat them.


Communion is like that in a way:

First, we are to use the time of self-examination to hear the Spirit alert us to sin which lies ahead of us – in time to prevent it.

Second, in examining ourselves we are reminded of our sins – so that we might not repeat them.

Third, when we do sin, Communion reminds us that we have the chance to repent – and be forgiven.


Safety signs are of no use unless you heed them. Communion is of no use unless you use it as Christ commanded. Therefore, examine yourself, so that you may know your own sins, repent of them and keep them from returning. Then praise God that he has provided you forgiveness, even at the price of his only begotten Son.

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