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Communion 2009

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Originally scheduled for November 15

Do you remember Mickey Mouse as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice in Fantasia? The brooms carrying the water into a flood? Ask yourself: why did Mickey want that sorcerer’s hat?

First, of course, he wanted someone else to do his work. He wanted to kick back and relax. But more generally he wanted three things:

He wanted power – to get things done without Mickey doing the work.

He wanted prestige – think about wearing that hat!

He wanted pride – think of sending the stars around at your command, the wind and waves obeying you!

It’s important to note that the sorcerer wanted the same things – it’s just that he was better at getting them.


The Christian gets a very different life. First, there is work to do in the church, and the Christian does it. At Calvary, Christ did that which we cannot; but he commands us to do our part, even carrying water. Power, often in dramatic form, is ours – through God, not our own will. Prestige we will have, the prestige that comes from “Well done, good and faithful servant.” Pride? It is replaced by humility. It’s a very different lifestyle indeed.


That’s the choice we have to make. We must choose either the world’s way, and pick up the wizard’s hat, or Christ’s way, and pick up the servant’s towel. One brings power, prestige and pride according to our abilities and our chances. The other brings service, a workman’s reputation and a life of humility.

Perhaps that doesn’t sound like much of an option, put that way. Remember this: Christ died on the cross to give you that option. As you eat the bread and drink the cup, remember the price paid that you might be a servant in heaven, rather than a wizard in hell.

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