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Communion 2009


Originally scheduled for March 22

Souvenirs are often simple things. If you’ve ever had to clean out Mom’s house after she died, you found that she had a lot of simple memories of her life:

·         From her days in High School, she had photographs of friends and simple memories – pom-poms, pennants and such.

·         Her husband was a veteran of the military. She kept his medals and ribbons as a memory of his service (and her service as a military wife and mother.)

·         From their travels she kept any number of knick-knacks. These were things like a paper cocktail umbrella from a restaurant long out of business.

·         Poignantly, she kept programs from her friend’s funerals. They were one last thing to remember them by.


Christians keep memories like that too. We keep little things that remind us of the good times (things we made at camp, for instance). Often enough we have items which recall our service to the Lord – most teachers have a handmade something from one of their students. If we’ve been on the mission field – even for a very short term visit – we usually have some knick-knack from the country we visited.


And we have a memorial of one particular death. Our Lord knew the importance of such a memorial. He gave us the Lord’s Supper as such.

·         We take the wine or juice as a memory of the blood he bled on the cross for our salvation.

·         We take the bread as a memory of the broken, suffering body that hung on that cross.

·         We do this until he returns; indeed, the very act of taking this Communion is a proclamation that he is coming again.


It is good to know what things should be forgotten. It is better to know what things should be remembered.

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