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Communion 2009

SS Catalina

Originally scheduled for August 16

A recent article in our local paper announced the scrapping of one of the most romantic ships of the twentieth century: the SS Catalina. She sailed from Los Angeles to Catalina Island. A pleasure cruise on the Great White Steamer, as she was known, was a romantic occasion. The ship featured a large dance floor, with a “big band” orchestra. When she arrived, her deep ship’s horn started the traditional reception: speedboats racing around her. The article included happy memories from many former passengers.

Why do we remember such things with so much fondness? There are several reasons:

We like to remember pleasant times. This is especially true when the episode has a happy ending.

We like to remember significant events in our lives. If it’s the trip where you met your husband, it’s memorable.

Sometimes, the experience is a “once in a lifetime thing.” Do you remember where you went on your honeymoon?

But ultimately, nostalgia was not sufficient to keep the ship afloat. Pleasant memories didn’t keep her from the breakers’ yard.


What kinds of memories do move us to action?

People who made an impact on our lives do – have you ever answered a call for help from an old friend?

Often, the memories are of hard times. Have you ever said that your children would not have the hardship you did growing up?

Frequently enough, the hard times end with victory, and we continue to preserve and celebrate the victory.


Communion is like that. Jesus of Nazareth has had more impact on more people than anyone else who walked the earth. Communion celebrates the death of Jesus – and has continued for two thousand years. That death ended in victory – so we celebrate this memory.

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