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Second Peter (new series)


Written at the end of Peter's life, his letter is a stern warning against false teachers - and his prescription to prepare us for their inevitable arrival.

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2nd Peter 1:1-11 In Full Triumph - The first step in building a wall against apostasy is to make sure the bricks are sound; Peter's prescription for sound Christians.
2nd Peter 1:12-21 Stirring Memories -  Peter reminding the Christian to hold to the faith as taught.
2nd Peter 2 False Teachers - False Teachers and the fate that awaits them.
2nd Peter 3 Day of the Lord - The Day of Wrath, or The Day of the Lord
  Heresies - a list of common heresies, amplified.
The reader will note that there is another, older study of this letter on the web site. It is located here.