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40 Days of Purpose

In the fall of 2003, our church participated in the "40 Days of Purpose" campaign, as produced by Rick Warren of Saddleback Community Church.  Our church relies primarily on small group sessions, meeting during the week, to provide the membership with Biblical instruction. This may seem unusual to you, but there is a simple explanation.  The original builders of the church thought that a weekly attendance of, say, seven hundred was a great target to shoot for.  They accordingly build the church building to that size.  The attendance is now (October 2003) over 2200.  A nice problem to have, right?  The slight drawback is that, with perfect distribution of the believers between classes, we might be able to squeeze in 700 - if every seat were occupied.  As a practical matter of fact, attendance at the Adult Bible Fellowships runs around 500 or so.  That's not good for the equipping of the church.  So we do it in small groups.

That left the ABF leaders in a bind.  We didn't want to recycle the videos;  indeed, in our small class group we have at least seven small groups doing the lessons from the 40 Days.  So, the teachers were obliged to come up with lessons that complemented the 40 Days, but didn't duplicate them.  This is our attempt at it.


Purpose in Life  Lazarus - the poor man. Episode One
At God's Pleasure Lazarus and the Rich Man: the Rich Man's Requests
Role of the Church The central role of the church in the life of the Christian.
Kingdom of Servants The nature of the church: an ordered community of servants, loving one another
Ambassadors of Reconciliation Christian evangelism is not so much preaching as bringing reconciliation to God by grace