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Communion 2011


Originally scheduled for October 9

(You may want to begin this meditation by blowing up a balloon.)

Consider the common balloon. Blow one up and ask people, "what is this?" The answers may surprise you.

·        Most people will tell you it's a balloon — something made of latex and air. Nothing more.

·        Those of us with a biting sense of humor might say it's a picture of today's sermon: hot air under pressure.

·        But ask a three year old. The eyes of the child see a magic and wonderful thing; it's big, but light enough for even a little child.

Somehow, in our time, we have failed to make the distinction between what a thing really is and what it's made of. It's easy to see the ingredients for things. The ingredients for communion, for example, are inspected by the Food and Drug Administration. They can tell you how many calories and what vitamins are contained therein. But only our Lord can tell you what communion really is. Think of it this way: the creator and sustainer of the universe has told you, "this is my body." Various groups of Christians interpret this in various ways; all agree that it's not "just bread and wine." It is much deeper than that – but you have to know how to look at it to see that.

As you partake, consider how you see:

·        See with the eyes of your mind. See beyond the physical reality to the spiritual truth.

·        See with the eyes of faith. We are given this memorial to proclaim the death of Christ; it therefore also proclaims his resurrection.

·        See with the eyes of hope. We partake in communion "until he comes again." Christ will return; until then, partake in hope.

Sometimes, appearances can be enlightening.

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