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Communion 2011

The Day Before the Apocalypse

Originally scheduled for May 1

You do not have to be in the church very long to know that the return of Christ is a topic of great interest. Most of us don't have a particular opinion of this, but those who do have no hesitation about enlightening the rest of us. In this we may see certain characteristics:

·        Every one of them are absolutely certain they have it exactly right.

·        They don't agree with each other.

·        If you wait long enough, the dates they are so sure of often become past tense.

Those of us who are not real enthusiasts for one particular theory or other admit that we really don't know what the last day before the Apocalypse will look like. Indeed, our Lord tells us that it will be like the last days of Noah. People went about their business, people got married, people did the things that people always do. So perhaps the last day before the Apocalypse will look just like any other day. But who can say for sure?

But there will be a last day. That being the case, there will be a last communion as well. We should therefore consider the nature of communion:

·        We celebrate the central event of human history. The death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ outshines all other events.

·        It's not a military event, nor a political one. It's not an economic movement — but it is eternal. That's why it's central; everything else is temporary.

·        We do this "until He comes again." He will come again; therefore there will be a last communion.

What will that last communion be like? It will probably seem like all the other communions we've ever taken. We are told that we will not know when he comes, so we won't know which one is the last one. Therefore, we should take every communion as if it were the last one ever. How do we do that?

·        May I suggest that we begin with reverence? It is easy to fall into the habit of getting through communion as fast as possible. But consider that you are told that this is the body and blood of Christ; is that a reason to hurry?

·        Take this communion with remembrance as well. It is to remind you of what Christ did on the Cross. Consider his wounds; he took them for you.

·        Take this communion with hope. For those who believe, the last communion is not a terror but a joy. For we celebrate until he comes again; we celebrate in the hope of his return.

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