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Communion 2011

How Do I Know?

Originally scheduled for January 2

Have you ever asked yourself, "how do I know that I'm saved?" It's a question that eventually occurs to every Christian. Satan loves to torment the Christian with the thought that perhaps he's not really saved. But there is a valid test.

How do I know that I'm saved? Because I have the Holy Spirit within me. This, of course, brings up the second question, "how do we know I have the Holy Spirit within me?" The answer to that is relatively simple too. As the apostle John tells us, we know we are his disciples because we love one another.

Well, that brings up another question — just what makes that the test? The answer to that is relatively complicated, but we may boil it down this way. God is love, the Scripture assures us. If God is within us in the form of the Holy Spirit, the obvious sign of that is that we become like God, who is love. Therefore, we love one another. Now you know.

God is love; therefore he loves us. It is intrinsic to his nature; in a sense, he can't help it. But it is still true that God is warmhearted but hardheaded. He knows we are sinners. He also knows we need to be convinced. Just telling the human being that God is love produces warm fluffy thoughts. The cross demonstrates that God is love, and there is nothing warm or fluffy about the cross. He sent his son to die for our sins; no greater proof could possibly be provided.

That's what we remember at communion. We remember the sacrifice, we remember the suffering, we remember the injustice of it all, but most of all we remember the love that God is. We do so in a simple ceremony. The cup represents the blood of Christ; the bread, the body of Christ. The cross is necessary for your salvation; communion reminds you of the love which produced it. Take it therefore, in a worthy manner; you are handling the body and blood of Jesus Christ, given for you out of God's great love.

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