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Communion 2011

How You Look At It

Originally scheduled for March 6

In the British Museum, in London, England, there is a unique piece of glassware known as the Lycurgus Cup. The cup itself is said to date to the fourth century A.D., which makes it rare enough. But it has a most amazing property: its color depends on how you look at it. If you look at the cup in reflected light, such as is common with flash photography, the cup appears to be green. If you shine light from behind the cup appears to be red. In short, how it appears to you depends on how you light it. The phenomenon has only recently been explained, as a part of the field of physics known as nanoplasmonics.

His sense, communion shares the same phenomenon. What communion is depends very much on how you light it.

·        If you see it in the sense of covenant, it becomes the symbol of the relationship God has established with man — so that man might be blessed.

·        If you see it in the light of sacrifice, is a measure of the greatness of the man known as Jesus of Nazareth.

·        You may also see it as a remembrance — a time of remembering. It is simple, it is profound, it is impossible to forget.

·        It can also be seen in the light of proclamation — the simple event in your life which proclaims to all around you that you are a Christian; you have accepted the sacrifice of your Lord Jesus Christ.

·        It can also be seen in the light of love. The greatest display of love which can possibly be made is the sacrifice of your life. The more righteous the life, the greater the sacrifice — and therefore this is the greatest possible demonstration of love.

But there is one other light which must be shined on communion. It is the light of judgment. If your life does not match the proclamation of love you are making, God will not hold you innocent for it. Examine yourself carefully; repent of what you need to; and then partake.

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