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Communion 2011


Originally scheduled for November 6

As one comedian put it, "memory is the second thing to go. I've forgotten what the first is."

Memory loss has often been used as fodder for the comedian, but it is a serious thing for those who have it. There are some medications for it; there are also some treatments for it. One of the most common treatments is simply repetition. You create an environment in which the old and familiar are very much present. The idea is that if you see the dog every day, you are much less likely to forget its name. This, perhaps, explains why it is that the older people in the church to object to the younger people's music.

Communion has something of that as well. We repeat it often; at least one church movement offers communion every day. Many offer it every week. When it is offered that frequently, it soon becomes a part of the old and familiar. Those of you who are younger have no doubt suffered from the elderly repeating the same story over and over again. But there is some virtue in this; especially when it's a good story. Communion tells a story too; the greatest story ever told.

And what is that story? Simply this:

·        Jesus of Nazareth, born in the stable, is none other than God in the flesh.

·        At the end of his life he was crucified by those who opposed him. In so doing, he served as the atonement sacrifice for our sins.

·        On the third day he rose from the grave, by the power of the Holy Spirit. That same spirit lives within us as a guarantee of our resurrection as well.

·        Lifted into heaven, he will return to judge the living and the dead.

These are things that are well worth remembering. So as you partake today, strengthen your memory by going over those things that he did for you — so that you might live forever.

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