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Communion 2011

The Necktie

Originally scheduled for January 9

Consider, if you will, the ordinary neck tie. As an item of clothing to keep you warm it is approximately useless. Its major use for the businessman seems to be cutting off the circulation to the brain.

But considered as a symbol, the ordinary necktie takes on quite a significance:

·        There are ties which show authority. This is often connected with the show of power, wealth or position. Those who are very astute about men's clothing can often tell who's in charge by the tie.

·        There are ties which show affinity. Often these ties are specially made for the person, such as a tie which commemorates military service in a particular unit.

·        Then there are ties which are worn simply for the pure joy of wearing them. The author of these meditations wears an eye patch over his right eye; of course, he has a tie patterned in skull and crossbones.

Communion, as a symbol, carries much of the same significance. For example, this meal shows authority — the authority of Christ over sin. It shows his power — his power over death. It shows his position as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Similarly, are taking this meal shows are affinity with Christ. The meal was specially made just for us. It proclaims to the world that we are Christians, that we have accepted the salvation that God has offered.

Finally this is a meal that leads to joy. We have the joy of salvation, and the joy of eternal life — and this meal symbolizes them both. It may seem to you to be nothing but a ritual; it may seem boring and repetitive. But the reality is that is full of significance and power. Treat it with care; you are handling things eternal.

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