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Communion 2011

One Qualification

Originally scheduled for February 13

Most people have never really thought of it this way, but did you know that there is one qualification you must meet before you can become a Christian? What is that? Easy. You have to be a sinner first. Some of us are exceedingly well qualified in that regard.

The fact of the matter is simple: you are a sinner. Sinners come in a wide variety of types. Some of us commit only “respectable” sins, and therefore think it doesn’t matter. Those who commit disreputable sins are easier to convince of the need for repentance – but either way, you’re a sinner. We tend to hide this fact. That’s one reason God gave us the Holy Spirit. It is the function of the Holy Spirit to convict the world of sin and judgment to come – and that includes you, too.

Most of us would be very content to ignore the Spirit. We want to let sleeping worms lie. God knows better, and if you listen, so will you.

What does the Spirit ask of you? In a word, repentance – the spiritual equivalent of a U-turn. It’s a painful process at times. You have to admit your sins and accept the fact that you, by yourself, can do nothing about them. If it were up to you in your own strength, you’d be helpless. But the Scripture is clear; repent, and God forgives you. Even if you have to repent over and over again.

You might well ask: how do I know that this really works? Communion is given to you as an answer to that. Every time you take communion, you remind yourself that Christ’s body was nailed to the Cross; his blood was shed for the forgiveness of your sins. Communion is the reminder of that sacrifice on your behalf. So, as you partake, remember that you are a qualified sinner – and He is the only qualified savior.

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