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Communion 2011


Originally scheduled for April 3

Many of us have seen the Peregrine falcon in-flight. We are told that it is the fastest creature on God's earth, achieving a speed of over 200 mi./h in a dive. It is also the most widespread of aerial predators; the only major landmass which doesn't have Peregrine falcons is New Zealand.

But did you know that the word Peregrine itself has a corresponding word in the English language? Peregrine is Latin; the corresponding English word is Pilgrim. As you should know, every Christian is a Pilgrim. How so? The original word Peregrine means "one from abroad." In other words it means one who is a traveler through the land, not a native or resident of the land. The Christian understands this clearly, for this world is not our home. Indeed the Scripture tells us that friendship with this world is enmity towards God. We are "just passing through."

Our real home is in the kingdom of God. We are the children of God, and therefore belong in his kingdom. On this mortal world, that kingdom is the church. But the day is coming when the kingdom will be established both in heaven and on Earth.

Communion is the sign that a person is in the kingdom of God. By taking communion, you recall the price that was paid to establish the kingdom of God. That price, the death on the cross, was paid once and for all by our Lord and Savior. When you accept that, and partake of communion you are proclaiming your pilgrimage here on Earth. But you also proclaim your belief that Christ will someday return to judge the living and the dead. His return will be in triumph, and he will welcome the good and faithful servants who have been the mainstays of the kingdom since he left.

There is the test: good and faithful servant. When you take communion, you are reminded of what you should be — the good and faithful servant. Examine yourself then, repent of your sins asking his mercy. Then take his communion just as you would if the world knew always that you were a child God.

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