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Communion 2011

The Physical Side

Originally scheduled for June 5

One of the earliest heresies of the church was something called the Gnostic heresy. It's followers believed that all things made of matter were necessarily evil; things that were spiritual were necessarily good. The attitude stems from Greek philosophy, and does not concern us in the present day. But it certainly was a concern in the early days of the church; it is not too much to assume that Christ took care to see that this heresy would be defeated.

One way in which he did that was to give us a material, physical reminder of his sacrifice. Think about it: he could've just given us words to recite. He did that with the Lord's prayer. But for communion, he gave us the simplest of symbols: bread and wine. He wanted us to have something tangible, something we could hold in our hands.

Why is this important? The most important ritual in Christianity involves simple material things. How then can we deny that Jesus had a body just like ours? He wasn't it goes to walk them left no footprints; he had a shoe size. From that we may safely conclude that he suffered in the flesh — the same kind of pain and suffering that you and I go through. Even more important, he rose from the dead with a physical body. He ate and drank with the disciples; he told Thomas to put his hands into the wounds in his physical body. So we may have confidence when he tells us that he will return and we shall rise from the grave in a physical body. No one knows what that body is like, except Christ. But it is safe to trust him when he tells us we will be coming home.

All this was made possible at the cross. Without that sacrifice, there is no resurrection. His resurrection is our guarantee of our resurrection. Therefore, as you take of this communion, remember these things:

·        Remember who it was who went to the cross for you — and give him your love for it.

·        Remember the great love of the father which drove him to it, and know that you are his child.

·        Remember that he is coming again, to judge the living and the dead — and that means you, and me. Therefore, examine your self and partake in a worthy manner.

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