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Communion 2011

Sharing A Meal

Originally scheduled for March 27

The young lady's name was Caroline. Her mother tells the story of their visit to her grandparents church. Caroline was evidently in her mid teens, a time when being socially accepted is extremely important. She was not looking forward to going to church, because she didn't know anyone there. But by God's good grace when she arrived there was someone there who took her under her wing. She sat with her, made sure she was welcome, and ultimately wound up sharing a meal with Caroline and her family. It's a funny thing about sharing a meal; it cements personal relationships in a very friendly way. It's hard to be shy and ask someone to pass the salt at the same time.

Did you ever think of communion as sharing a meal? We often use the phrase, "share communion" in inviting others to come to the table of the Lord. Have you considered just with whom we are sharing?

·        Of course, we are sharing communion with those around us, our fellow members of the church.

·        We are also sharing communion with all the other Christians around the world — for we are part of the church universal.

·        Perhaps you hadn't thought of this, but we are also sharing this meal with all Christians of all time. Remember, time is in the hands of God just as space is.

See the wisdom of our Lord in making his central ritual bath of a shared meal! Why did he do that? First, so that you might feel welcome in this church. We need to feel that sense of community that exists in the word communion. When you partake of communion, you are one of us.

Communion is more than that: it is designed so that you might know the power of God's mercy. We are to examine ourselves, and seek our Lord's forgiveness for our sins. His communion is a visible way of knowing that we have this, for it commemorates his sacrifice on the cross — by which our sins are forgiven.

Finally, communion makes you one with the church universal — all Christians in all places of all times. This church has never gathered with all its members. But at the return of our Lord we will meet them all. In the meantime, we do this in remembrance of Christ.

That's communion: a shared meal which welcomes the Christian in a time of fellowship with his Lord Jesus Christ.

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