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Communion 2011


Originally scheduled for April 24

There is a trend in contemporary thought that holds that religion, and in particular Christianity, is "what a man does with his solitude." The idea is that the ideal Christian should be someone who is completely indistinguishable from the rest of the population; this Christianity applies only when he is alone.

From the earliest days of the church we can see that this is false.

·        From the founding of the Church at Pentecost, we have been one body. The church has always been defined as the body of Christ; an organized collection of saints.

·        Not only is this body organized, it is public. The world around the church was quite aware of its existence — and for the first 300 years or so attempted to stamp it out as vigorously as possible.

·        One key characteristic of this body is that it is made with the decision: you are either in the church or out, you are either a Christian or you are not.

Communion reflects this. We see the same characteristics in the Lord's Supper that we do in the church as a whole.

·        We take Communion together. It is not something that we go into a dark room and take by ourselves. There is no sense to solitary Communion.

·        We take Communion publicly. Anyone who walked into the building would see what was going on. Any visitor to the church would know that this was happening.

·        Communion is a sign that we are in the church; we are not on the fence.

We need to examine ourselves in this. Before you partake of Communion today, ask yourselves some questions:

·        Does your lifestyle identify you as a Christian? Can the rest of the world see from the way you act that you are indeed a member of the church?

·        Do your words show that you are a Christian? Is your speech seasoned with salt, or is it just like the rest of the world's?

In short, does the world know that you are “in?”  And do you?

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