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Communion 2011

Test of Goodness

Originally scheduled for July 10

It's really very difficult to tell: after all during communion most of us pray. There is likely to be soft, spiritual music playing. It is therefore very easy to get by communion without the slightest trace of commitment. It is also very easy to be mistaken about whether your neighbor is doing that.

We are told to examine ourselves. We are not to examine the person next to us, but we are to examine ourselves closely. Towards that end let me ask you three questions:

·        Does this ritual act come from true faith? It is not be done because it's the fashion, or we've always done it this way. Unless this act springs from true faith in your heart, you're doing it wrong. It is not just a little ceremonial dancing like you to go through; rather it is a symbol of your commitment to him in true faith.

·        Do you do this in obedience to God's command? You have read the Scriptures; do you then follow them? Do you remember our Lord sacrifice on the cross; do you remember that the cup is symbolic of his blood; do you remember that the bread is symbolic of his body?

·        Do you do this to the glory of God? If someone could see your true heart right now, would they see someone who is thinking not about his own image but about God's glory? Is your purpose in showing this to others to promote your own holiness, or is it to magnify and praise your God?

These tests are useful outside of communion also. If you think your Christian life is beyond perfecting, try this set of questions. The Father is seeking those who worship him in spirit and in truth. Come to him in true faith, come to him in obedience and give him glory. You will be surprised what will happen with you. For the Lord God is a rewarder of those who seek him in truth; he rewards those who are obedient to him and give him glory. Consider your ways, and be sure that you take this communion in full heart.

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