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Daniel - known to children for the hero of the lion's den and the story of the three Hebrew children in the fiery furnace - is much more than a children's story book.  It is the key to understanding prophecy throughout the Bible.  In no other work does God make his purpose so clear.  Daniel must have been indeed a righteous man.  He is also an example of how God views our circumstances - for he was a captive in a strange land.

Daniel 1 In The World -  Daniel and his friends are tested by the king's diet.
Daniel 2 Prophetic Dream -  Nebuchadnezzar has a dream and Daniel interpreted for him.
Daniel 3 Fiery Furnace -  In the fiery furnace with the three Hebrew children.
Daniel 4 Variations on God - How God humbled Nebuchadnezzar.
Daniel 5 Weighed - Weighed in the balance and found wanting.
Daniel 6 Lion's Den - the classic story of the Daniel in the lion's den.
Daniel 7 Four Beasts -  The four beasts of Daniel's prophecy including Babylonia, Persia, Greece, and the Roman Empire.
Daniel 8 Prophetic Lesson - The vision of the mornings and evenings.
Daniel 9 Prayer & Prophecy -  Daniel's prayer for national forgiveness (perhaps the most eloquent in Scripture); the prophecy of the seventy weeks.
Daniel 10 Spiritual Warfare -  Spiritual warfare and the nature of angels, exemplified.
Daniel 11:1-35 Prophetic War - The detailed prophecy of the events leading up to the time of Christ.
Daniel 11:36-45 Antichrist -  Daniel's view in prophecy shifts to the end times, and the coming of the Antichrist.
Daniel 12 Preparing for Tomorrow -  The resurrection of the dead and the other events of the last days.

These lessons were originally delivered in 1995.

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