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Life of Christ (new version) - based on all four Gospels Books of the New Testament image map

Matthew - The first of the Gospels, it was written by a man who had taken good shorthand notes.  Source of many familiar quotations, especially the Sermon on the Mount.

Mark - The Gospel which presents our Lord in short phrases and actions, so suited to the hurried minds of our time.

Luke - The Gospel of careful research;  the scholar writing a careful and orderly account.

John - The Gospel by the disciple whom Jesus loved.

Acts - The follow-on study to the Life of Christ series.  It's rather a lengthy one - but then again, St. Luke didn't exactly condense the book of Acts either.

Romans - The closest thing that any of the Apostles ever wrote to a theology textbook, it is the best exposition of grace.  The study is rather detailed.  The section on Romans 14 may surprise you.

1st Corinthians - The corrective letter of Paul to one of his favorite churches.

2nd Corinthians  - The second letter to the church that lived in a culture very much like ours today.

Galatians - A letter to a church in need of guidance

Ephesians - The Queen of the Epistles, as the older scholars called it.

Philippians - Did you ever write a letter to an old friend?  This is Paul's letter to his favorite church.

Colossians - A letter to experienced Christians.

1 Thessalonians - Letter to a church well loved by Paul

2 Thessalonians - Correcting false teaching about the Day of the Lord

First Timothy - This is a letter from an old man, pouring into his young son in the faith that which he knows to be of greatest importance to a leader in the church.

Second Timothy - Paul's farewell letter to his apprentice.


Philemon - At one lesson, it is much too short.  But it is the letter which drips of Christian courtesy.

Hebrews - The link between the Old Testament and the New Testament.

James - The Proverbs of the New Testament

1st Peter - The fiery workingman of the New Testament.

2nd Peter - Warning against heresies to come.

1st John - The love letter of an old man, deeply in love with his Lord

2nd John - A string of pearls, much neglected. 

3rd John - Short, dealing with a solid Christian and an ambitious one.

Jude  - A stern warning from the brother of our Lord, very similar to 2nd Peter.  Often ignored today, it is another warning concerning false leaders and teachers in the church.

Revelation - Some caution must be advised on this one.  A "theological" caution first - this study presents all three of the major views on Revelation, and selects none of them (or any other). If your mind is already made up, don't bother.  A "technical" caution next - the work was originally created in PowerPoint, and is therefore very graphics intense.  If you do not have a high speed connection, this may tax your patience.

Old Testament

Ezra & Nehemiah - The story of the second Exodus; the return to Jerusalem, the rebuilding of the Temple and city walls.

Esther - The only book in the Bible which does not mention the name "God," it has no miracles - but is a great lesson in the providence of God.

Ruth - A love story - between a man and a woman.  A love story which foreshadows the love between Christ the Kinsman-Redeemer and his bride, the church.


Ecclesiastes - to everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven.

Daniel -The key to prophecy.  Yes, we have a lesson in the lion's den.

Jonah - The fish story of the Old Testament - and still worth the time.

Micah 6:8 -  What does the Lord require of thee?

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