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Communion Meditations (2012)

Broad Ways

Originally scheduled for April 22

Many of the younger generation might be confused by this description. In a time when television was just beginning to make its mark on American society, it was still common to go to a county fair. One of the delights of a county fair was the collection of hucksters pitching their various products. I remember one I encountered when I was 10 years old at a county fair in the deserts of California. He was pitching a version of the Bible; rather large, well illustrated and — his major selling point – with an excellent concordance. So he said. His example was that his concordance pinpointed the only verse in the Bible to reference freeways.

Now, you might think the Bible doesn't have much to say about freeways. But then again perhaps you've never met these hucksters. If you will take a look at Nahum 2:4, in the King James Version, you will see something that might possibly be interpreted that way. (The exact wording is, "broad ways.") Notice that I said, "Possibly." Sad to say, I did not purchase a copy of this oddity to add to my collection of strange and weird things.

The truth is that there is always someone who is around to will interpret or just plain muddle what the Scripture says. Sometimes this is done simply to make a buck; sometimes it's just plain stupidity; sometimes it's more sinister than that. So the Christian is warned that he should always seek the plain sense of the Scripture. By God's good grace, the plain sense of the Scripture is almost always apparent.

The plain sense of the Scripture about Communion is this:

·         This ceremony was instituted by Jesus Christ himself. It is not an accident, but something he intended to do.

·         The ceremony is a memorial to his sacrifice on the cross. Bread and wine are meant to represent his body and blood.

·         We are to remember that by this sacrifice God's grace is given to us.

·         In so doing, we are to examine ourselves and submit ourselves to repentance as required.

·         Then we are to partake; drink the wine and eat the bread in a "worthy manner."

There is an elegant simplicity to this, which is often the hallmark of truth. Our Lord has made it to be something simple and yet profound. Let us examine ourselves, and take in a worthy manner.

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