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Communion Meditations (2012)

Duct Tape

Originally scheduled for June 24

It has been well said: "If it doesn't move and it's supposed to, spray it with WD-40. If it does move and it's not supposed to, apply duct tape."

Have you ever noticed that good tools seem to have the same general characteristics?

·         Good tools are simple. While it may be complicated to manufacture them, they are ultimately composed of what appear at least to be simple parts. You can take a look at them and know exactly what to do with them.

·         Good tools are easy to understand. You don't need to be Albert Einstein understand what to do with a roll of duct tape.

·         Good tools are effective. You use them and they work.

You can make the same argument for communion. Our Lord did not intend to implement the Lord's Supper as something complicated, finicky and fragile. It has the same characteristics as good tools:

·         It is simple. The bread that is used is common and easy to make, not something that must be made in the Himalayan monastery by the light of a full moon. The wine comes from grapes which grow almost anywhere in the world. Indeed, it's hard to get much simpler than something that has two non-moving parts.

·         It is easy to understand. You look at the bread and see the body of our Lord. You look at the wine and see the blood of our Lord. It is symbolic communication at its simplest. We use symbolic communication when we want to say something that is profound and complicated, but say it in a simple manner. If you'd like another example, look at the wedding ring.

·         It is effective. It is effective because it brings to us the atonement that Christ made on the Cross. It is effective because that atonement brings to us the forgiveness of God the Father.

Of course, like all tools, you need to know how to use it. It is not complicated.

·         You begin with self examination. This will require you to be honest with yourself, looking at your own actions to see if there is something you know that God will not approve. Bring it out, identify it and begin to deal with it.

·         Since you know what it is, confess it. Admit that you are wrong, admit that you sent. Bring it to the light of the cross and let it be seen.

·         There is no use in bringing it out and admitting it unless you intend to do something about it. Complete your confession by beginning your repentance. Determine that you will change; you will turn around and not go in that direction anymore.

·         Then — and most important of all – except the grace that God the father has given you at the cross. For those who will confess and repent he offers you forgiveness. That forgiveness is not just a one time thing. Some of us will be confessing today to the same old sin, trying one more time to turn from it. The grace of Jesus is still greater than all our sin.

It is simple; easy to understand and effective. But like all tools, you have to use it, and use it correctly, to get results.

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