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Communion Meditations (2012)


Originally scheduled for August 26

Although the use of the glass lens has been known since ancient times, the objects we would recognize as eyeglasses seem to have been invented in the 13th century. Ben Franklin is noted as the inventor of bifocals; those of us of a certain age should be grateful to him and his predecessors. With such lenses we can often restore our vision to what is considered normal.

Please note the object: to restore our vision. We don't buy glasses to obtain Superman's x-ray vision; we simply want to be able to see as well as we used to. But what if you want to exceed the normal range of vision? Well, if you want to see something very small you would use of microscope. If you needed a slight extension of your vision — for example, if you were bird watching — you might get a pair of binoculars. If astronomy is your object, you would get a telescope. If you want to see something beyond normal vision, you need the right lens.

In a sense, communion is a lens as well. It is a lens which allows us to see through time, exceeding our normal vision.

·         Through communion we can see the past, looking all the way back to the Cross. In communion we see the atonement performed by Jesus Christ.

·         Through communion we can see the present, deeply. For it is in contemplation of our Savior's sacrifice and our own lives that we see our need for repentance.

·         Through communion we can see the future, for we take communion "until he comes again." Each time we take communion we remember that he is returning.

The past is history; we can do nothing to change it. We can, however, learn from it and use its lessons to change our ways. The future is beyond our grasp, but we can shape our own future to some extent by the decisions we make today. Only the present is within our grasp. Let us therefore take the lessons of the past, and the teachings of our Lord; let us use them to anticipate what is to come when he returns with our reward. In short, let each of us examine himself, repent and ask Christ to strengthen us against the temptations to come.

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