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Communion Meditations (2012)

Hearing Aid

Originally scheduled for October 14

Getting your first hearing aid can be an interesting experience.

Once you get past the initial testing of your ears — the frustrating process of listening for beeps that may or may not be there — you discover that it is not a simple matter of handing you a hearing aid. There are multiple adjustments that must be made, usually with a hearing aid connected to a computer. The person doing the work mumbles a good deal (at least until you get the hearing aid in) and speaks in jargon completely unfamiliar to the user. Meanwhile, you just sit there. It’s a little frustrating to think that it’s your hearing aid, going through all these adjustments, but the only adjustment that actually pertains to you is whether or not you can stick it in your ear.

There is usually a button to push; the real instructions come at the end of the session. You are handed a little cleaning tool and given the only firm instructions you’ll get. The admonition a simple: keep the hearing aid clean. If you don’t, it won’t work. If you can change the batteries and use the little brush, you can keep the hearing aid working.

But if it isn’t clean it won’t work. That’s not at all unique to hearing aids. For example, there is a good reason you change the oil in your car. There’s a reason there’s an oil filter in your car — he’s things keep the oil clean, which lubricates the engine well, and keeps you on the road instead of the repair shop. This also applies — believe it or not — to your computer. Particularly for those machines that have a tower that is placed on the floor, it’s possible for cat hair, dust and dirt to clog the filter and sometimes get in the machine itself. This can cause some of the sensitive bits to overheat — and that’s not good.

If it isn’t clean, it won’t work. Did you know that also applies to Christians? We are meant to have a relationship with our Lord based upon righteousness. We cannot achieve such righteousness by ourselves, but that does not relieve us of the effort of trying.

How do you do this? The process starts with self-examination. There’s a reason it’s part of communion; if you want to have the right relationship with your Lord, the regular cleansing of the Christian is a requirement. That means you’re going to have to examine yourself. Check and see that nothing is clogged by sin. Sin gets between you and the Lord Jesus Christ; seek his help in sweeping it out of the way. You do this by repentance, then asking forgiveness. He will only forgive, but cleanse.

Once you’ve done this, then, you are ready to take communion. Your relationship is restored and cleansed once again. But don’t forget who made this possible. Communion is a memorial to the sacrifice Christ made on the cross, and it is by that sacrifice that you are made clean. Therefore, as you take communion honor the Lord who makes your cleansing possible.

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