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Communion Meditations (2012)

Love Ritual

Originally scheduled for September 9

Perhaps you have noticed this common phenomenon: people who are in love with each other develop little rituals. They are private little affairs; at the most you might notice something a little odd or just a bit humorous in their conduct.

Such rituals are usually known to the lovers only. For example, one man I know is in the habit of gently patting his wife on the back exactly eight times. Why eight? It’s because the phrase, “I love you,” has exactly eight letters. Every time he does this, he reminds her that he loves her.

Curiously, he does not do the same thing for his children. The ritual is a private one; rituals are like that. Often enough a ritual defines who is an insider and who is not. Such rituals don’t have to be elaborate; actors, for example, sometimes tell each other to “break a leg.” It’s an encouragement to do a good job, but you have to be an actor to really know that. Love rituals have the same effect. You have to be “inside” the marriage to know the ritual; the ritual serves to reinforce who is “inside.” It says, in a minor way, “you belong to me and I belong to you.”

It’s important to remember this: love empowers the ritual; the ritual only reaffirms that love. If the love is not there then the ritual is empty.

Communion, as a ritual, serves the same purpose. It is something only the “insiders” (Christians) would really understand, for this is a ritual between Christ and his bride — the church. To those outside the church it is meaningless; to those inside the church, it is the sacrament of love. It symbolizes to us the love that our Savior has for us, demonstrated at the Cross. There is no greater love; Communion reminds us of this.

But like any ritual of love, the love must be real or the ritual is empty. So as you partake of Communion today remember to acknowledge in your heart what the Lord has done for you. Remind yourself of his great love for us; he endured the Cross so that we might have life. Remember Jesus, the lover of your soul.

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