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Communion Meditations (2012)

Of What Use?

Benjamin Franklin, besides being the answer to any number of history test questions, was the discoverer of electricity. He published his findings to a world that was not particularly impressed. One news gatherer asked him just what use was this stuff called electricity?

Franklin's reply was in the form of another question: "of what use is a newborn baby?" We look back in hindsight today and consider the question foolish. But at the time it was a Mark of wisdom on Franklin's part to recognize the use of electricity.

We might ask the same question about communion. If someone were to come in to our midst and see us taking communion for the first time he might be puzzled. We might find ourselves this way:

·         First, we are commanded to do it. If only for the sake of fellowship, we are told to do this regularly. Obedience to our Lord's command is a reason to do something.

·         Second, this is an act of proclamation. By taking communion you are saying that you are a practicing Christian, a true member of the church.

·         This is also an opportunity for repentance. We are to examine ourselves, confess our sins and repent. Self examination is sufficiently difficult that apparently it must be scheduled.

Far and away the greatest use of communion is remembrance. It is a ceremony in which we remember what our Lord has done:

·         It is a remembrance of our Lord's sacrifice on the cross. In these elements we see his body and his blood and remember that sacrifice.

·         It is a remembrance of his great love for us. Can there be a greater love than that of an innocent man sacrificing himself for the guilty?

·         It is a remembrance of his triumph. His story did not end on the cross nor in the grave. He arose; and the world hasn't been the same since.

·         It is a remembrance of his promise to return. The man who conquered the grave tells us he will return in triumph and glory. When we take communion, we remember that promise.

This is a new year; it's like a newborn baby – we don't really know of what use it will be. But we do know the Lord use it the good of those who love him. Look forward, to his return.

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