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Communion Meditations (2012)

Traffic Jam

Originally scheduled for December 9

Perhaps the Guinness Book of Records might know for certain, but it’s likely enough that the world record traffic jam — at least for length — recently occurred in Russia. The traffic in question occurred on the road between St. Petersburg and Moscow, a distance of 125 miles. The entire roadway was jammed — 125 miles of pure traffic jam. The major cause of this (and the traffic jam was on both sides of the road) was 3 feet of snow which fell rather suddenly. As of this writing, the Russian officials say that they have reduced the traffic jam down to “only” 34 miles. It has lasted several days as of this writing.

That is what my mother used to call a “learning experience.” Simply put, mother’s attitude was that you should learn something from this little problem. We might gather some lessons from this traffic jam:

·         Patience would be the first thing that comes to mind. You might not be learning it as much is exercising it, but you would need it.

·         For those who come from a warmer climate, this might just be a lesson that teaches you that snow and cold are life-and-death matters. You are definitely going to pay some attention to how good the automobile’s heater is. This just might have an effect on what car you buy next.

·         It would also teach you the importance of — or rather, the lack of importance of — that fancy walnut interior in your car. You’ll know the difference between essentials and luxury.

You can depend upon it: if you’re about to freeze to death your mind focuses on how to get warm very quickly. An automobile heater is an ordinary and mundane thing, until you’re in 125 miles of snow with no movement in sight.

Communion can seem to be a mundane thing too. Many churches do it every week, and it fades into something routine. But like the heater in the car, Communion is an essential — not a luxury.

·         It keeps you in contact with the most important person in the universe — Jesus, the Christ, the creator of all things.

·         It keeps you in contact with the most important facts in all of history — the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord.

You need to stay in contact with Christ and the power of his resurrection; it is a matter of eternal life and death. That’s what Communion is about. So as you partake, think.  When it’s a matter of life and death, stay with the simple things that work.

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