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Communion Meditations (2012)


Originally scheduled for October 21

Have you ever encountered the social situation in which you weren’t really sure whether or not you are welcome, even at home? All of us know the distinction between being really welcome and knowing that your host is socially obligated, though reluctant. Sometimes, however, were not exactly sure.

·         For example, how did you feel the first time you had dinner with your future in-laws? Were you sure of a warm welcome, or were you facing the Spanish Inquisition?

·         Sometimes it’s closer to home. For example, do you remember the feeling when you came home after getting your first traffic ticket (or having your first traffic accident) and knowing that your father was waiting for you?

·         Sometimes you’re sure you’re going to be welcome. A good example of this is when you bring the first grandchild home to your mother. No matter what the circumstances, a baby’s smile is always welcome.

The Prodigal Son understood the problem perfectly. He had taken dad’s money and squandered it, demonstrating in the process the dad shouldn’t have trusted him with it in the first place. He knew he wasn’t welcome. In fact, as he was walking home, he was practicing his apology speech. He understood his own sins; he didn’t understand his father’s love.

Oh he got the speech out, all right. It’s just the dad ignored it. Dad saw him coming a long way off and took off towards him at a run. While dad was hugging and kissing him he got out his speech. Dad simply didn’t care; his boy was home and that was all that mattered. Your Heavenly Father is like that.

The ultimate proof of the Father’s love is found at the Cross. The night before Jesus was crucified he told his disciples that he was going to prepare a place for them. He was making sure they were welcome in heaven.

It’s normal for Christians to yearn for heaven. It’s also normal to have doubts about whether or not you’re going to get there. But you’re welcome in heaven was guaranteed at the Cross. Indeed, the Scripture assures us that Christ is our forerunner, going ahead of us into heaven to prepare that place for us.

One other thing about being welcome: it usually involves a meal. Is there any sight which is so welcoming as a table that has been set in anticipation of your arrival? That table is set before you today in Communion. As you take the bread in the cup remember that your Lord has gone ahead of you to prepare a place for you — a place where you will be welcome. A place called home.

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