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Communion Meditations (2013)

True Colors

Originally scheduled for February 3

Most women who have ordered anything from a catalog, either print or online, have had the problem: “Is that really my eggplant?” Well, it may not be eggplant — but it is some sort of color. Experience has shown that the catalog doesn’t necessarily get the color quite right. There is often a subtle, but very definite, difference between the color that is shown in the catalog and the color of the actual item.

Thus, when the item arrives the first thing a woman does is to look at it to see if it’s the right color. Even then however there is a difficulty. Colors look different under different types of light. If this is an item that a woman is going to wear to an office that is always lit by fluorescent bulbs, then she needs to examine the item under a fluorescent light. But in most circumstances that’s the wrong answer. Most women will immediately take the item to the location where they can see it in natural light. The human eye is designed to see things in natural light; therefore, that’s where you examine the colors. You need to look at the color in the right light.

The process of examining practically anything works pretty much the same way. First, you must have a standard in mind — you need to know “what it’s supposed to look like.” If you have no idea what a ruler is, it’s really tough to measure the length of something. So the first thing you need is a standard.

You then need some process of judging whether or not your item meets that standard. The most important thing here is that you should never fudge it. As one wise person put it, “good enough, isn’t.” You need to know whether or not your item meets your standard, and you need to be honest about it.

Then, there is the matter of light. Most things we examine are examined in the light. If you are inspecting diamonds, the lighting is important. You don’t want the light you’re using to give you the wrong picture.

When you come to communion, the thing under examination is you. This is the time you conduct self examination, in accordance with the Scripture.

·         You will need a standard; for the Christian the standard has always been the imitation of Christ, the sinless man. Do you measure up to his standards?

·         You will need the right light — and He is the light of the world.

·         The question is one of process — will you be honest with yourself? Or is the temptation there to fudge it?

“Let a man examine himself,” says the Scripture. Examine yourself; repent where you need to repent and then partake. His body, his blood are there for you and your salvation.

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