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Communion Meditations (2013)

War Souvenir


Originally scheduled for December 15

Mention the word “souvenir” to most people and they begin to think immediately of something they purchased at a place like Disneyland. Souvenirs, in this context, share some common characteristics:

·         We purchase them to remind us of good times. That’s why Disneyland has a large number of souvenir stands and the local municipal traffic court has none.

·         We often purchase them to remind us of good times we had with friends. Souvenir is not so much a souvenir of Disneyland, but of the friends we took with us. After all, no one goes to Disneyland alone.

Sometimes, however, our souvenirs are not purchased but picked up along the way. Sometimes they are war souvenirs; these serve the purpose and jogging the memory but in a very different way.

What kind of war souvenirs do we keep?

·         Some souvenirs are simply reminders of the war itself. We might keep a jacket or some trinket we picked up along the way.

·         More commonly we pick up souvenirs that remind us of those who suffered with us during the war. The jacket will often have a unit patch on it, reminding us of our buddies.

·         More rarely, the souvenir will remind us of something extraordinary which happened during the war. More than one soldier has come home with a hat which has a hole in it.

Communion is, in a sense, a souvenir of the war between good and evil.

·         It is reminder that the war exists. Many of us would like to believe that there really is no such thing as evil. This reminds us that this war has been going on for a long, long time.

·         Is it a reminder that this war has been won; it is a souvenir of Good Friday.

·         Is also a reminder of the suffering needed to win that war; the suffering of Christ on the cross.

So as you partake today , remember: it was to bring his suffering, sacrifice and victory to your mind that he instituted the Lord’s Supper.

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